Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

When it comes to fried chicken here in the States, we are not big fans of KFC. They are really greasy, tiny in size, a tad bit salty for our taste and a little bit more expensive than other fried chicken places around these parts. There are just so many other places that serves way better fried chicken. We were driving by KFC the other day and I saw a banner that says that they now serve Grilled Chicken! Hmmmm...I wonder if it's any good?

We were deciding on what to have for lunch today and remembered the KFC Grilled Chicken. So, we headed to our friendly neighborhood KFC to check it out.

They had a few combos available. I think the most popular is the 2 piece chicken with 2 sides and 1 biscuit for $3.99. We ordered the 10 piece bucket meal ($17.99). It comes with two large sides and four biscuits. We were listening in to the conversation between some of the people in line and they seem to like this new grilled chicken and gave a lot of positive feedback.

There were six different sides to choose from - Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Cole Slaw, Mac n Cheese, Corn on the Cob, Baked Beans and Potato Wedges (certain outlets have Green Beans as well as Seasoned Rice too). We chose Corn on the Cob as our first side. Three large corn on the cob. It was alright, nothing to shout about.

Kevin chose Mashed Potatoes & Gravy as the second side. He thinks that the KFC gravy is the best ever. I prefer the Mashed Potatoes & Gravy from Popeyes but Kevin swears by KFC. Oh well, I guess different people are entitled to their own favs :P

The biscuits are not too bad. Pretty much the same as any other fast food biscuits. My all time favorite biscuits are the biscuits from Red Lobster. I guess Red Lobster and KFC are in two separate leagues all together, so I shouldn't compare :P

Now for the main event. The all new grilled chicken! It smelled real good ( we were like salivating all the way home in the car) and it looked pretty good too. It was still a little bit oily (though not as oily as the fried chicken) but it tasted just alright. It wasn't bad, but it's not like the best grilled chicken I have ever tasted. Of course if I compared it with the fried version, this is wayyy wayyy better.

Overall, I would say that the new grilled chicken is a healthier and tastier option if you compare it with the fried chicken. However, the chicken pieces are still way smaller compared to other chicken places and KFC is still a little bit more expensive. I would order the Kentucky Grilled Chicken if I had to choose between the regular KFC or this, but I wouldn't go all the way to KFC just to get it. It's not bad but it's not that good either :D


aahhh-CHEW!!! said...

You are right! ... KFC outside Malaysia is horrible! ... Wait for me post on KFC in London ... Yuck!!!

Also those do not look like grilled chicken ... me think Kenny Rogers is way better ... hey!!! how come I don't see any Kenny Rogers in New York city??? ...

HI said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's great to know another M'sian thru the blogesphere.

I'm so excited that this is another food blog that I can browse and get cooking ideas from. :)

I also just saw the grilled chicken at KFC. Might try it, for the heck of it...hehe.