Friday, May 22, 2009

Have you heard of

Have you heard of the website It's the home of the online magazine Scrubs. What is Scrubs? Well, Scrubs is the nurse's guide to good living!! Oh ANOTHER clinical nursing site, you might say. The answer is no. Scrubs is not just another clinical nursing site, in fact, it's very different from the rest. The magazine is all about you. You'll not only find career advice and inspiring stories but beauty and fashion tips as well as lots of ideas on making your downtime as relaxing. I just love the bright colors and neat layout of the site. There are also lifestyle stories, tips on healthy living as well as articles that are informative, inspiring, uplifting, engaging and very entertaining. There is just so much positive vibes all over the site. It also speaks to the "stages of a nursing career" (such as student nurse, new nurse, seasoned/mentor) which is fun, warm and direct. It is also timely, yet original.

Apart from all the interesting articles and useful health tips, there are a few fun things that stood out in Scrubs magazine. You can nominate someone for The Scrubby Awards (aka "The Scrubbies"). Just nominate that special nurse and explain why she is getting this particular award. Then, just print it straight to your printer to create a totally legitimate (looking) award for the lucky nurse in your life. How cool is that? Also, you can participate in the Nursing Poll by voting and explaining the reasons for choosing your answer. You can also explain your response in comparison to the total responses. Isn't Scrubs is such an awesome magazine? Just head over there and check it out for yourself!


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