Thursday, May 14, 2009

Join for a good cause!

I've just turned 30 a few days ago. It suddenly hit me that I am not that young anymore. In the past few months, I've been experiencing some minor aches and 'cracking' of bones - something I have never really felt before. Somebody told me that it could be due to the lack of exercise and also the inactive lifestyle that I have been living. I've had tons of excuses to not exercising enough. The lack of time, it's too cold outside, I'm tired....the list goes on. Well, enough is enough. I'm ready to get that spring back into my step and try to start living a healthier and more active lifestyle.

I found out about earlier today. It's a great website that not only provides a lot of information about healthy living but it also has a program that helps people that have been touched by breast cancer. How you might ask? Just visit and log the miles you walk or run each day. From 4/1/09-10/31/09, Bumble Bee Foods will donate $0.15/mile for every mile logged at (up to $200,000) to help Breast Cancer Network of Strength provide emotional support to those who can't wait for tomorrow's cure. It's that great? Not only will it help me to start living healthy again, it also benefits a good cause. It's like killing two birds with one stone!

The BeeWell Miles website is just amazing. It gives me all the resources to live a healthy lifestyle. I am given a chance to interact with healthy living experts as well as share info and tips with other guest that visits the website. I also get to calculate my route's mileage by entering it on a map and also share my favorite walking/running route with others. I found out that it's about 1 mile for me to walk to the nearby shops. Maybe I should start my healthy living quest with that route. Once I've figured out the route, I can log in the miles that I walk/run daily and it helps me calculate the calories I burn! Not only that, I can even enter my meals to understand their caloric values, then see how my activity and nutrition offset each other. Just when you think it doesn't get any better than this, it does! Each day when you log in your miles or when you enter game codes from pink Bumble Bee cans, you could instantly win one of 15,000 prizes. One grand prize winner will even have a chance to win a 5 days 4 nights luxury Spa package for 2 people! What are you waiting for? Go check out and start living healthy by running/walking for a good cause!


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