Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Driving Record from DMV

As many of you may know, we won a 4 days 3 nights fully paid vacation to the Marlboro Ranch in Montana sometime early this month. We received our Pre-Trip Documents early last week with a whole bunch of documents to sign and also for us to bring to the public notary to be notarized. We were given 7 days (well, 4 days actually, by the time it got to us) to complete all that and send it back to them. We managed to do all that and sent it back to them via FedEx within 24 hours. They received the envelope the very next day.

I was surprised to get a knock on my door the following day and I received another envelope from D.L. Blair Inc (the Independent Judging Organization for the Marlboro Sweepstakes). In it was a letter as well as a check for $5.00.

The letter states that since Kevin's driver license was issued in the state of Pennsylvania, we would need to obtain a copy of his driving records from the PA DMV ourselves to enable him to participate in some of the activities at the ranch. It seems Pennsylvania doesn't release driving records to anybody except to the person it belongs to. We had 14 days to do so. Since Kevin intends to take part in activities like off roading on a Hummer and stuff like that, we had to go obtain the records ourselves.

It wasn't really that difficult actually. We just had to go online to the Pennsylvania DMV and request for his records. Just fill in his ID #, D.O.B as well as the last 4 digits of his SSN and pay $5.00. We could then print out the records immediately. After that, we just faxed it over to D.L. Blair and we were set to go! I called D.L. Blair about half an hour later and they confirmed that they received the fax and all documents are in order. Now we have to wait between 4-6 weeks (for the background check) to get our travel dates and tickets. I was pretty impressed that Marlboro even sent a check for such a small amount as $5. I guess when they say fully paid trip, they mean fully paid trip! Hahaha. We are sooo excited and can't wait to go. Will keep all of you updated about the progress of this trip, whenever we have any update!
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Dawn said...

Hi Charlene,

I'm a silent reader or your blog for a year now.

I'm so happy to hear you and Kevin won a trip to the Marlboro Ranch. I have been to the Marlboro Ranch 2 years ago, it was a blast. 4D/3N was not enough at all. All of us wanted at least 4 more days to fully enjoy the ranch, partake in all the activities and get to know each other. And they really feed you good. Enjoy and looking forward to your pictures.


Charlene n Kevin said...

Hey Dawn!

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always great to know other Malaysians (I assume you are Malaysian?) living in the States.

Extra cool that you have been to the Ranch before!! I checked out your blog (great blog, btw) and saw some awesome pictures of the ranch. I just can't wait to go.

Say, do you want to exchange links? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, I’m just wondering if you don’t intend to drive, do you still need to obtain those records? Also if you have kids can you bring them? I have 2. I would pay for them.