Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look what we won!

I have been meaning to blog about this a while back but just never got around to it. I found this on my front door about a month ago. I was like "ohhhh...a package! wonder who it's from?". I wasn't expecting anything in the mail, so it was pretty exciting :P

I ripped open the package to find this and a small card from Marlboro saying thanks for joining their sweepstakes and this is a gift for me! Marlboro?? Why should Marlboro suddenly send me a gift? Then I remembered, Kevin and I signed up for this Marlboro sweepstakes (just in case you are wondering, both Kevin and I don't smoke. It was a no purchase necessary sweepstakes) a while back, hoping to win a vacation at their ranch in Montana. I totally forgot about it.

I guess I didn't win the grand prize but got this consolation prize instead. What's in the box anyway? Well, it's a pair of sunglasses from Arnette. Okay, I'll have to admit. I really didn't know at that time that Arnette was a pretty cool brand, especially for younger surfer guys. I am more of the "aunty big sunglasses' type of yeah :P I went to google the seriel number of the sunglasses and found out that it was the new Arnette Rage XL sunglasses. It came with a hard zipper case, lens cloth, soft fabric drawstring bag and two Arnette decals. The retail price for this is $109.95! Wow! Looks like they are pretty good sunglasses!

Since it's a guys model (well, actually I do not know if it's for guys or unisex but it looks like sunglasses for guys), I gave it to Kevin :P Looks like somebody is gonna look all cool and Mr Surfboarderish this summer..hahaha! Anyway, that was a pleasant suprise and even though I didn't win the grand prize, the thought of actually wining something is cool enough, be it sunglasses or anything else. Thank you Marlboro!!

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