Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day Before The Dental Surgery

It's here at last! I'll be having all four of my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow morning. The oral surgeon will be using local anesthesia as well as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in the procedure. Boy, I hope there won't be much pain. Just pray that everything will go on smoothly and that there won't be much pain :P
We went to get some groceries today. Kevin says that I will pretty much be in pain for a few days after the surgery, so we went to get some easy to make food for him as well as soups for me.

Kevin got some microwave meals as well as some cheese and ham to make sandwiches. He also picked up some hot dogs. Looks like his meals are all set for the next few days. I got a few different types of soups and yogurts.

We also picked up a cold gel pack, some witch hazel (my MIL said that it's good to calm pain) and some Advil PM (in case the painkillers prescribed by the dentist runs out and I am still in pain).

Looks like we are all set. Just continue to pray for me, for the procedure to go well and also for a speedy recovery. I'll my best try to blog after the surgery tomorrow!! :D

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