Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surgery's over!

Just a short post before the Novocain wears off. The oral surgeon removed all four of my wisdom in about 25 minutes. It was almost painless, except the part where he had to inject all four sides of my gums. I think the Nitrous Oxide helped a lot, it sorta put me in another state, it felt good :P The oral surgeon had some problems extracting the tooth that was growing sideways, so he had to drill it and break it into a few pieces. The broken tooth on the right side also gave some problems. There was a small piece of tooth that just refused to come out. He somehow got it out at last. Other then that, everything went well. I just have to return next Thursday to remove the stitches.
I am still biting on to the gauze on both sides of my mouth. The bleeding should stop in a bit. I am certainly not looking forward to the Novocain wearing off :( I now have two ice packs on both sides of my cheeks. The oral surgeon said to keep it on until tonight. The more ice I put on it now, the less pain and swelling I will have tomorrow. Oh well, I'm going off to rest now. Thanks for all your prayers and concern. I'll try to update more later on. Cheers!

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