Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Ahead!!

Today was such a beautiful day. It was sunny almost all day and the temperature was in the 60s! We spent most of the day in the city, just walking around and enjoying the weather. Feels so good to be wearing short sleeves after a long winter. There were so many people out today, just hanging out in the park and taking advantage of the warm and sunny day.

We met up with some friends for a late lunch at Southern Hospitality (will blog about that later on) on the Upper East Side and then went to Chinatown to get some groceries and Chinese pastries. Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice and warm day. I wonder if Spring is already here or the cold will return soon? Oh well, just enjoy the warm weather while it's here!! :D
Oh, today also marks the beginning of the daylight saving time, with clocks springing ahead one hour. I better head to sleep now, I really hate it when I lose an hour of sleep every time this happens :P Have you changed your clocks yet??

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