Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Taste Bailout Package

Since I started having really bad toothaches and was put on pretty heavy pain killers, I have been drowsy most of the time. My appointment for the surgery to remove all four of my wisdom teeth will be on Thursday, so looks like I have another two more days to go before the surgery. These days, I am either in pain or in a drowsy/sleepy state most of the time :P Because of that, I haven't been able to cook so Kevin has been surviving on fast food and stuff like that for the past few days. We saw the ad on TV for Dominos Big Taste Bailout Package and decided to order that for dinner on Sunday night.

It's a pretty good deal actually. You can choose any 3 medium size one topping pizzas or oven baked sandwiches for $5 each. We went online to place our order. It's actually the first time we are ordering from Dominos online, we would usually order our pizza from Papa Johns. First we get to choose the type of crust. So, we chose then Classic Hand Tossed.

Next we got to choose the type of sauce and toppings. We chose the White Garlic Parm Sauce with half of the topping being Grilled Chicken and the other half Philly Steak.

Alritey, next! We then chose a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich as one of the other choices.

The third item we chose was a medium pizza with a Deep Dish Crust, Marinara Sauce and Italian Sausage as the topping. Just click on complete and we are done!!

Now, this is the interesting part. I have never seen this on any other pizza website before (maybe cos I am a bit ulu kampung lah...). It's a real time Pizza Tracker. Dominos is known to get the pizza to your doorstep in 30 minutes or less. With this Pizza Tracker, we get to track the status of our pizza in real time! We ordered the pizza at around 8:00pm, so it shows "Mohammed begin custom-making your order at 8:00pm". Yeah, looks like we even know the name of the person making our pizza! :P

Then it showed that Mohammed placed our pizza in the oven at around 8:02pm and before we knew it, it showed " Our delivery expert, Jose, left the store with your order at 8:12pm". Wah, so fast!!

True enough, Jose (I think that's his name :P) was buzzing at our intercom to let him into the building at around 8:25 or so. I guess it took him less than 15 mins to get to our apartment! Very very impressed. Here it is, two piping hot pizzas and one oven baked sandwich.

Here is the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. Kevin said it tasted yummy, looks yummy to me too.

This is the Deep Dish Pizza with Italian Sausage. It was still piping hot!!

Lastly, this is the Classic Hand Tossed White Garlic Parm pizza with Grilled Chicken on one side and Philly Steak on the other...

Eh wait! Grilled Chicken on one side and what on the other?!!? Looks like its just cheese! I don't see any Philly Steak on the other half of the pizza! Hmmmm, I guess Mr. Mohammed made a mistake! I called the Dominos outlet and told them that there was a mistake with our order. The girl on the phone was very apologetic and said that they will rush us a new pizza with the correct toppings! In less than half an hour, Jose was at our door again, apologized and handed us this...

Mmmm mmmm mmmm, another Classic Hand Tossed White Garlic Parm pizza with Grilled Chicken on one half AND Philly Steak on the other. Looks like Kevin will have enough pizzas to last him until my surgery! Hahaha. I must say that I was very impressed with how professional Dominos was with their fast delivery as well as how they handled the situation when they made a mistake with the order. I think we will be ordering more pizzas from Dominos in the future :D

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