Friday, March 13, 2009

More photos from UPMC Passavant

Kevin's mom wasn't feeling that great when we visited her the next day after the surgery. The nurses took away her morphine drip and her knee was really really painful. She asked them to bring back the morphine later on and of course the pain subsided (they took her off the morphine drip the next day and she is now just on pain pills). We were there pretty early in the day, so her flow of visitors hasn't started yet. The nurses had already helped her onto a wheel chair so that she can sit up comfortably while she ate her food. Here is a photo of Kevin watching TV in his mom's room.
We just love her room. Here is a photo of all the balloons and flowers that she has gotten so far. The big bouquet of flowers are from her choir group and the smaller one at the top of the cabinet is from her good friend Meg and Meg's dad. The smiley face balloons and candies are from her other friend and of course the sunshine face balloon bouquet is from us. I love how flowers and balloons just brings a ray of sunshine into a hospital room.

This is the whiteboard at the other side of the room. Can you see some cards printed out below the telephone number? UPMC has this website where friends can go to send e-cards to patients. All you need to do is go to this website, click on the type of card that you would like to send and fill in your message. It will be sent to the mailbox of the respective hospitals and the nurses at the nurses station will print it out in full color and deliver it to the patients. Very very cool. Oh, and it's FREE!

Some of you might be wondering what the food is like at the hospital. Gone are the days where you get a standard meal on a tray with a weird piece of jello. These days, it's just like ordering room service from a 5 star hotel. Check out the menu.

Looks so nice, hor? Like some restaurant menu. Wanna see what's inside? They have such a wide selection, looks better than the average restaurant! You can basically get anything you want from this menu.

There are also no standard mealtimes for the patients. You can call and order your meal anytime during the day before 7pm. You can order whatever you want and call as frequent as you want. Here is Kevin ordering his mom's lunch as well as her dinner. You can just pre-order your food for the entire day so that you do not have worry about not having any food during a certain mealtime, just in case you forget to order your food.

We are really pleased with the comfort level, cleanliness as well as the attitude of the doctors and staff in this hospital. I feel that all this little things makes recovery a whole lot faster. We are now back in NJ and Kevin's mom will be there for another week. Of course we feel bad that we cannot stay any longer but Kevin needs to work. I guess it helps to know that this hospital has staff and facilities that are a class above the rest and we can rest assure that she is in very good hands. :)

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