Monday, November 8, 2010

Go Green & Save Water (as well as MONEY!) Today!

I'm sure many of you are aware that our environment is not like what it used to be. Over the years, humankind has been slowly polluting our earth and these days, it's sad to say that it's in a very sorry state. We see reports about global warming and a host of other things everyday. In newspapers, on documentaries and news reports on TV, posted on billboards and posters. Everybody knows that we have to do something to save our environment but knowing and actually doing something is two different things.

In the recent years, Kevin and I have been quite concern over the rapid decline of our environment. We decided to make small changes in our lifestyle by going greener. After all, I feel that it's a social obligation that everybody does their part (no matter how small) in trying to save out earth. We started off by recycling more, using more reusable containers instead of disposable ones and bringing our own shopping bags when we go grocery shopping. Small steps.

After some time, we looked further to see what else we can do in efforts to do more for the environment. Did you know that 1% of our income is spent just on water? That's rather a lot, just for water. Also, when we think of droughts and water crisis, we only think of it happening in other countries. Surely we do not have that here in the U.S. Wrong! Did you know that there are droughts so severe in certain parts of the country that people have to go on water rations? With the high price of water and also the lack of it in certain parts of the country, everybody should pitch in and do their part in trying to conserve as much water as possible. The question

I came upon the concept of dual flush toilets a while back. Not only will you be saving water, you will save a lot of money in the process! Hmmm, that would mean changing our whole toilet, right? That would definitely cost a lot of money. Well, wrong! Unlike other systems, you do not need to completely remove and change your current toilets. All you need is a Dual Flush Conversion kit. SelectAFlush is a dual flush adapter and water conservation device that works with your current toilet. You can retrofit your toilet into an efficient dual flush water conserving machine without sacrificing performance when you need it. How cool is that? For just $29.95, a family of seven can save total of 18,000 gallons of water and $193 off your water bill each year! That means, it practically pays for itself with all the savings you will be getting. Everybody should look into this. It just makes sense. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a dual flush conversion kit and start saving water (not to mention loads of money) today!

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Twilight said...

Good move!

Recently, I just scolded a colleague who often ticked me off for not recycling my used paper. I told him that he has no rights to teach me when he was still a chain smoker! It hurt his pride and he really quit!

Next year, Penang will stop using plastic bags from 1st January..