Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Luggage Sets from CSN Stores!!

Boy, I just love the holiday season. Don't you? We just got back from Pittsburgh a couple of days ago after spending Thanksgiving weekend with Kevin's side of the family. How did you guys spend Thanksgiving this year? Had some quality time with the family? Ate a lot of turkey? Did you manage to do some shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Since we were in Pittsburgh, we didn't really get a chance to shop much this Thanksgiving.

For those of you who missed out on those two huge shopping days (just like us!), fret not. There are many places still offering awesome deals from now til Christmas. What we really need is some new luggage. I have been telling myself that we should take advantage of all the sales going on during Thanksgiving to buy ourselves a new set. However, we never got around to it. We still have quite a lot of traveling to do this coming Christmas holidays, so we REALLY need some new luggage...now.
I was surfing the internet earlier this morning and came across some amazing deals from CSN Stores for luggage sets. How perfect! There were just so many different sets to choose from, I didn't know where to begin. They come in all kinds of colors, makes and sizes, it's crazy! The best part is, they are all on sale!! After going through all of the sets (trust me, there are a LOT to choose from), I shortlisted a few that I really like. I totally love the vibrant colors of the Britto Collection by Heys USA as well as the the Zebra print 4 piece set by Rockland. Another 4 piece set that I really like is the Large Dot 4 Wheeled set by International Traveller. Just love the pink,black and white color combo. The original price for that set is $900 but it is now going for only $382.99! What a good deal!

As much as I love all the vibrant girly pattern and colors, Kevin is more of a practical kind of guy. He likes the 7 piece set by American Trunk and Case. The set includes a 27" Expandable Upright, a 20" Expandable Carry-On, a 16" Duffle, a 42" Garment Sleeve, a Tri-fold Organizer, a Drawstring Laundry Bag and a 3-1-1 Travel Pouch. Guess how much it is going for now? You won't believe it. The whole 7 piece set is going for $99.99! Yup, ALL THAT for only $99.99!! Oh boy, I am so torn. Should I get this practical and value for money 7 piece set or should I go with one of those bright colored and really pretty sets? What do you think?

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