Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Awning Blew Off!

Remember me blogging about the freak accident caused by strong winds on Thursday? About how the wind gust was blowing at around 65mph? After the wind had passed through, we noticed a lot of debris all over...from broken branches to trash being lifted from the garbage cans and being thrown everywhere. Today I noticed something else that was damaged by the wind.

There are 4 entrances to our apartment building. We would usually use the one on the northeast side of the apartment cause it's nearer our parking lot. I happened to use one of the other entrances today and I realized that the awning was gone. Our doorman and janitor happened to be around and I asked them what happened. They said the wind blew it away!!

Boy, the wind must have been really strong that day. Look at what it did to the metal piece that was holding on to the awning! The janitor said the wind blew away the awning and it flew across the loading bay. Thank God there were no cars/trucks parked there that day. Usually the maintenance van and other trucks would be there. Again, I see it as God's hand of protection at work.

This is the other entrance that we would usually use. The awning is similar to the one that blew way. Yeah, it's pretty big. Somebody could have gotten hurt really bad if they were hit by that. I didn't realized how bad the winds were that day, until I saw the damage on the awnings. I was happily doing my own stuff in my comfortable apartment that day, oblivious to the massive storm outside. We sometimes take things for granted or don't even know that God is always looking out for us, protecting us from all harm. He is indeed a good God! :D

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