Thursday, February 12, 2009

Freak Accident Down The St.

Today is such a windy day. The wind was howling and I could see debris flying all over the place. We live on the 6th floor of an apartment building and I could actually see leaves, garbage bags and all kinds of newspapers flying outside my window! At one point, I even saw a baby carrier made out of wicker actually tumble and lift off the ground for a few feet. The wind was THAT strong. I turned on the TV and found out that the wind gust was about 65mph! That's almost a hurricane!!
I heard a lot of commotion outside the apartment sometime in the mid afternoon. There were firetrucks, police cars, ambulances....all kinds of sirens howling down the street. I didn't really think too much it (hey, we live in Newark, we hear police sirens all the time :P) and just carried on with my day. When Kevin came home later that day, he asked if I knew what happened down the street. He said that there were news trucks from all the major news networks parked along the street and lots of people everywhere.

We later found out that a woman was killed while walking back from the supermarket. Our street is lined with really big old trees. The wind was so strong it broke a big branch off one of the trees and it struck the woman on the head. She died instantly. I was pretty shocked to hear the news. I thank God for keeping me home today. I was actually thinking of walking down to the shops earlier today but decided not too (from pure laziness). It could have jolly well been me, getting strucked on the head with that branch. Looks like it's one point for laziness, for saving me today!! Ok ok, it's Gods hand of protection on me, not laziness :P Amen?

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