Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hooked on Frogger...again

I was surfing the net yesterday, searching for nothing in particular, when I stumbled upon a somewhat nostalgic website. It's called Classic Arcade Games. Suddenly, I was transported back to my childhood. I felt like it was only yesterday when this was THE game to have.

Yup, the ever popular Western Bar! Every kid wanted one! I pretty much lucked out cos my aunt was working at a watch shop in Singapore back then and I would get a new game every time she visited us. She is just the greatest! She would also buy me those Nintendo Game & Watch games. My all time favorite was the Snoopy Tennis :D I bet this brings back lots of memories for many of you too.

Browsing around the Classic Arcade Games website, it brings me even further back. Back when computer games came in floppy disk. Yeah, those 5 1/4" disk!

Remember those? Well, I used to loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Frogger. I could spend hours playing Frogger on the computer. It's actually a pretty basic game. The frog jumps from one side to the other, to seemingly greener pastures. The frog better be careful though, cos there is a high chance that it will be knocked down. If I were the frog, I would really think twice before jumping to the other side. Is it really worth it to risk being knocked down just because it seems that there are better things on the other side?

Ok, please excuse me. I need to go and continue playing my computer game. It's really fun sometimes to see the frogs get squashed by the passing cars. For those of you who grew up playing Frogger just like me, check it out here. It sure brings back memories.

DISCLAIMER: This post is purely about a classic video game and has nothing to do with the current political situation in Perak, Malaysia. :P


tze chun said...

hey, i miss the western bar a lot. i still remember back then, i very much wish that i can have one but too bad, i dont but one of my friend had one. all the others of us, buy our own battery, line up to take turn to play the games.. hehe.. very much enjoy it a lot.

Bel said...

Hello! I still have them both but my Snoopie one, my fav too, has stopped working ages ago. And now searching for it I just found an exemplare for near U$400... I don't think so lol Is there anywhere I could download them :'( Ty :D
Ps- Loved the selection of tunes

Bel said...

Hi! It is me again. I just made a research on the net and found the snoopy tennis game for download, it is sooo cute! You can have a look at here: