Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it Easter already?

We were at the supermarket just a while ago to pick up some milk and bread and guess what we saw? A whole section dedicated to Easter candy and decorations!! Isn't it a little bit early for Easter stuff? It's not even March yet!! Looks like Easter is slowly getting as commercialized as Christmas. The sad thing is, amidst all the spring colors, candy and Easter bunnies, I do not see anything that reminds me of the true meaning of Easter. That Jesus died on the cross and rose again for you and me.
Anyway, since the display was so nice and there were so many different candies of display...we went to check it out. I actually wanted to look for my favorite Easter candy. It's the Cadbury Easter Eggs! I just love them! I can hear you going tsk tsk tsk, just a while ago she was ranting about Easter being commercialized and now she is talking about Easter candy :P Gimme a break laaa, the Cadbury Easter Eggs are just too good!

It comes in two flavors, Creme and Caramel. The shell is made out of milk chocolate and it's filled with soft fondant (creme eggs) or caramel (caramel eggs). It's been almost a year since the last time I had those yummy eggs so I had to get a box each :D So yummy yummy yummy.

One the way out to the cash register, we walked by the bakery section of the supermarket. We saw the yummiest thing on sale!

It looked so yummy. Banana Creme Pie with chopped almonds sprinkled on top. It was only $4.99 for a large pie. Soooo, we decided to buy one home too. We ate a slice each once we got home and mmmm mmmm mmmm. It's really good, with big chunks of banana, yummy banana cream and loads of whipped cream. Really fattening but reallllllly good :P Not bad for only $4.99. The next time you are at the bakery section in Shoprite, you should check it out.

With that, it concludes our Friday night outing to the supermart. The plan was to just run in and out to get some bread and milk but we ended up with all those yummy but unhealthy impulse buys. Oh well, you only live once. A little candy and pie won't hurt! :P

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