Friday, February 6, 2009

Pineapple Rojak!

Fresh pineapples were on sale at our local grocery store last weekend, so we bought one. I believe it was going for only $2.50 each. Pretty good deal for such a big pineapple.

It looked pretty ripe (maybe a tad bit over ripe), so Kevin decided to cut it up after dinner for dessert. It looked really juicy and after taking a piece to try, boy was it sweeeeeet!
We would usually just eat it with salt or by itself, but today I decided to eat it with rojak sauce! I do not have the other ingredients on hand to make a full blown rojak, so it was just pineapple cut into cubes mixed with the rojak sauce. I got this sauce from the Malaysian/Singaporean grocery store down in Chinatown for only $1.75 per bottle. It's the famous Cheong Kim Chuan rojak sauce from Penang. The taste is pretty authentic but I found it to be a tad bit spicy. I have a very low tolerance for spiciness, so maybe it's just me :P Kevin doesn't really like the smell of rojak, I think it's the heh koh (shrimp paste) smell that throws him I cannot get his opinion if the sauce is too spicy or not.

After mixing the pineapple with rojak sauce, I sprinkled some peanuts on the top. Yummy yummy yummy! I have the whole bowl of pineapple rojak to myself!! Of course I didn't eat up the whole pineapple! It was only a quarter :P I would sometimes eat fuji apples with the rojak sauce too. Fuji apples cubes, yau char kuai and rojak sauce, topped with peanuts. Thats really good too!!

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