Saturday, February 14, 2009

He bought me tulips!

Look what the FedEx guy delivered to me earlier today? I was going downstairs to check my mailbox when I saw this outside the door. I guess the FedEx guy had too many deliveries to make today, so he just left it at my doorstep. Thank God I decided to go down to check my mail, if not, it will be sitting outside my door all day :P

Hmmm ProFlowers..I wonder what could be in the box? And I wonder from who? :P I ripped open the box to find 20 stalks of beautiful tulips in white, pink and red! Of course they were from Kevin, my Valentine flowers!! He knows that I just love bulb flowers, that's why he got me tulips instead of the regular red roses. They are just so pretty. It's a little bit early in the season for tulips, so the paper in the box says that it's been flown in all the way from Holland. Wow! Very impressed..haha.

Since it's been in the box for quite a while, the instructions said that we needed to put it in water with the plant food for a bit, then the tulips will straighten out and bloom even more. I did just that and now I am waiting for it to bloom even more. They already so pretty now, I wonder what they will look like fully bloomed! :D

My beautiful flowers are now on display on our mantle, together with all our photographs. The flowers in the background are my Anniversary flowers. Yup, they are still alive! Now, who says it's a waste to buy flowers because they die after three days? It's been almost 12 days since our Anniversary and they still look alright. Thanks Kevin for all the tulips as well as the Anniversary flowers!

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