Friday, December 10, 2010

Store Brand vs. Name Brand Formulas

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Store brand formula or name brand baby formula? That question has been asked repeatedly by new parents (and even some not so new parents!) nationwide. You have to admit it. I am sure all of you with kids have asked this question at least once before. Really, are they all that different? It has to be right? Name brand formulas are way more expensive compared to store brand formulas. They must be better. If not, why would they cost so much more?

Well, I got some news for you. Did you know that according to the Infant Formula Act of 1980, all baby formulas sold in this country must meet minimum nutrient requirements and FDA regulations? Author Sandra Gordon as well as the editors of Consumer Reports also agrees with that fact and adds that all formula marketed in the U.S. must meet the same nutrient specifications, which are set (by the FDA in 1980) at levels to fulfill the needs of infants. Wow! You know what this means? That's right, all baby formulas are pretty much the same!

If that is so, then why are name brand baby formulas so much more expensive compared to store brand formulas? The answer is simple. One word, advertising! Store brand formulas typically cost less because they are not heavily marketed or advertised. Also, they are not given away to hospitals for free. Because of that, the cost saved is passed along to the consumer. It is estimated that as much as $600 can be saved by new parents each year. I think it makes sense. I totally agree with the new 10th Edition of the Consumer Reports Best Baby Products when they say that “they see no need for parents to choose expensive national brand infant formulas over their much more reasonable store brand counterparts sold at retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, and Babies R Us”. If the formulas are the same, why should you pay more just because the name brand formulas spend more money on advertising, right?

Talking about name brand formulas, have you heard about the recall of certain Similac powder infant formulas because of the possibility of the presence of a small common beetle in the product recently? I really couldn't believe it. Granted, the FDA determined the formula poses no immediate health risk but some babies experienced symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort as well as refusal to eat as a result of irritated GI tracts! Parents are paying premium price for brand name formulas, hoping that they will be getting better formulas for their children. However, they are getting tainted formulas instead. That's just horrible! So, with all that said, if you were to ask me to choose between store brand formula or name brand formula, you can count of me getting store brand formulas over name brand ones any day. What about you?

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