Monday, October 31, 2011

Puppies vs. Babies: Which is cuter?

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Alright folks, who is ready for a little dose of cuteness? Since the beginning of time, there are two things that never fail to bring a smile on your face and get awwwwwwwwwwws from everyone. I do not think anybody can disagree with me when I say that puppies and babies are the two cutest things on this planet! However, the age old question remains, which is cuter? Puppies or babies? Well America, you have a chance to play a part in putting this long lasting debate to rest. Puppies vs. Babies, who wins?

From now, up until November 23rd, there is a fun Puppies vs. Babies online contest going on that will put a rest to this ongoing feud and guess what? You get to be the judge! Hundreds of photos were received as part of the casting call and now, you get to vote. All you need to do is rate each photo, on a scale of 1 to 10. Then, the 16 photos with the highest vote would go to the next round and a winner for each category will be chosen. Ultimately, the two top contenders will face off and put this age old question to rest!

So, who will you vote for? Puppies or babies? Don’t get me wrong, I totally love puppies. Kevin and I would sometimes spend all afternoon on Animal Planet, just watching shows about puppies. They are just so cute! However, I think that babies win hands down! Nothing is cuter than chubby babies, cooing and making all types of gurgling sounds! Also, babies do not have stinky puppy breathe and they don’t nip at your heels! So, what about you? Who would you vote for? Leave me a comment to tell me who you are rooting for and don’t forget to head over to the website to cast your vote today!!

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