Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Food Square @ Incheon Airport, Korea

After the one hour ride back to the airport, we walked around the duty free shops for a bit (yes, we did pick up a few magnets and stuff :P). Incheon Airport is pretty cool actually. There is free WiFi and also free Internet lounges available for everybody. Also, if you are interested in culture, arts and crafts, they have a few Korean Visitors Centers location at various parts of the airport. You can visit those centers and there, you can learn more about the Korean culture. There are people there to tell you all about Korea, let you try out some Korean traditional costumes, learn how to play some traditional instruments as well as help you make your very own souvenir, for free! Yup, everything is free at those centers.
We did a quick walk around there but didn't really have the patience to sit there for an hour or two, just to work on some arts and crafts :P Also, we figured we should eat an early dinner, because we will only arrive in KL at around 11pm and who knows what time they will serve dinner on the plane. So, we headed to Food Square.
Food Square is like a food court, with different stalls selling different types of food. However, unlike most food courts where you order the food at the individual stalls, you just have to walk up to the order desk and order your food from there. Then, they will give you a device that will beep once your food is ready. You can then go to the individual stalls to collect your food. Very good idea! :D
I ordered the Seafood Noodle with Black Bean Sauce (KRW 7000, approx US$6) and some Mango Orange juice (KRW 2500, approx US$2.20). My noodles came with a side of kimchi and one other thing. I am not so sure what is that one other thing :P The noodles was alright, not the best, but alright. There were quite a lot of shrimp and squid under the black sauce, so that pretty much made up for the not so great noodles. The kimchi wasn't as good as the one at the bulgogi restaurant but still, it's nicer than the ones that I have tried before.

Kevin ordered the Homestyle Seafood Noodle Soup (KRW 8000, approx US$7). His noodle came with three sides, some kimchi, spinach and something else. Since he didn't like any of the sides, I ate his spinach and kimchi too! :D His noodles was pretty good, actually. The broth was really sweet, must be due to the crabs and seafood in the stock. There were quite a generous helping of seafood (crabs, shrimp, squid, fish..etc) in his soup too. I would say that it was way better than my noodles. After our meal, we had about half an hour or so before boarding. Perfect timing! With a full tummy, we were all ready for our final leg of journey back home!

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