Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm home at last!!

Yup, that's right. I'm home at last!! Boy, what a great vacation it has been. Firstly, before I say anything, I would like to really apologise to everybody for not updating this blog the entire time I was back home in Malaysia. Yessss, I know I said I would but I really didn't anticipate that I'll be so busy running around eating, meeting old friends/relatives, doing stuff...oh did I mention eating? :D Also, the Internet connection was pretty slow (yes yes, I know. I'm so spoilt here) and uploading photos took forever. I admit that it's not a good excuse for not updating the blog but hey, the important thing is, I'm now back and regular programming will resume!
Oh before I forget, want to hear a scary story? Well, I flew into JFK on Saturday morning from Korea and what perfect timing. It was smacked right in the middle of the big storm that we had during the weekend. Mind you, it wasn't any regular storm with some heavy rain. The winds were gusting at 75 mph (can be considered a level 1 hurricane) and the rain was coming down like crazy. I later found out that it was so bad, 7 people were killed and many buildings were damaged by the storm. Also, many areas in NJ/NY didn't have electric (due to damaged power lines) and clean drinkable water.

So, as we approached for landing, the pilot warned us that there would be some turbulence because of the big storm. Turbulence? How bad can it be. I'm not exactly new to flying, I've experienced some pretty bad turbulence before. Shouldn't be any problem. Boy, how wrong I was.

The moment the plane hit the storm clouds, it was just flung into all directions, like a rag doll. Usually, when I think of turbulence, it's usually just the up and down feeling (something like a rollercoaster) when it hits the air pockets. This was so different. Not only was it going up and down, the plane was being swung left and right too! I could hear things falling down in the kitchen and everybody on the plane looked terrified. Also, from the cam located at the bottom of the plane, I could see that we were fast approaching ground but the landing strip wasn't in sight yet. We were actually skimming on the water! At that point, I really thought that we would have a water landing and that we were going to crash. It was THAT scary! It did however make it to the landing strip but the moment it hit the tarmac, the plane was swerving to the left and right, at really high speed! I guess the wind was too strong and it was hard for the pilot to control the plane? It was so scary, I could hear things falling down everywhere. Thank God nothing happened and we managed to get off the plane in one piece. Everybody just cheered and clapped when the plane finally! I truly believe that it was the hand of God protecting me that day. If not, I shudder to even think of what might have happened. Boy, what an experience.

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