Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Modern, Stylish & Contemporary Furniture from AllModern.Com!

Kevin and I have been talking about buying new furniture, since like, forever. In fact, I've even blogged about it a couple times. However, we've never really gotten around to actually getting them. I guess we always saw it as something we would like to do, but it wasn't top of our priority list. I'm sure many of you know that we live in a one bedroom apartment. So, when my parents were visiting us over the holidays, we gave them our room and we slept out in the living room, on the futon. At that point, we KNEW we HAD to buy new furniture. Not only was the futon really old (we had since we were in college!) and dated, it was really uncomfortable too! So, I went online to check out what are all the latest trends and if there any any good furniture deals out there. What we are looking for is stylish, contemporary and modern furniture that not only looks good but also doesn't burn a huge hole in our pockets. Guess what? I found a website that offers all that and more!
When we were in Vermont for our winter vacation, the apartment that we stayed in had a really nice fireplace. Since then, we have been thinking of maybe getting an electric indoor fireplace for our living room. Apart from that, we are also looking to get a brand new TV stand/entertainment center. The one that we currently have now is really crappy and yes, we had it since our college days too! While browsing through, I found the most awesome thing ever! An electric fireplace cum media console! I didn't even know that such a thing exist! What a great idea. Not only is it a great idea, it looks really modern and stylish too. I then checked out the other living room furniture and found some really cool looking futons, sofas and sectionals as well. Those futons looked so plush and comfortable, not to mention slick and stylish too. Definitely something I will consider for our living room.
Apart from having furniture for every room in your home, also carries a huge selection of accents. There, you can find all types of lighting, rugs, wallpaper, vases, wall art, magazine racks and even throw pillows! I am totally in love with the Blow-Up Bamboo Magazine Rack by Fratelli Campana. Doesn't it look cool? In my opinion, it's not just a magazine rack, it's also a piece of art. As I continue to browse through, my list of 'wants' is growing longer and longer by the minute. Everything looks so good! Looks like we've finally found the place to get our furniture. Now, our only problem is, how do we fit all these stuff into our 800sqft one bedroom apartment?

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