Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to Make Beautiful Baby Gift Baskets

Babies are always a blessing to everyone with their beautiful and loving spirits. When you have a family member or friends who just have a beautiful angel and you don't know what to give, giving baby gift baskets would be a good idea.

These baskets are always appreciated whether the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. You have to option to purchase premade baskets or make one on you own. Most of such baskets in the market are too expensive that it can cost you over one hundred dollars. Thus, you can create handmade baskets for the baby to avoid spending much money and adding a personal touch and care to your gift.

You should first determine the size of the basket prior to starting creating one. If you are not in the position to fill a big basket, then you can choose a small basket. You need to buy the predetermined basket, tissue paper or raffia for filling, baby blankets, shredded grass or straw, which you can easily find in stores.

The next thing you need to consider is the gender of the baby, whether it is a girl or boy. You also need to check if the baby has already taken birth so that you can decide on the things that the baby needs. Moreover, you need to know whether the baby is the eldest child or not. If the baby is not the first one in their home, then the mother will most likely have the needed things already at home.

It is advisable to use a container for other gift items that can be utilized by the baby. You can use a baby tub instead of using an actual basket. If the baby is the first-born child at home, then you can include most of the basic things that a baby needs such as rattles, baby shampoos, baby toys, wiping diapers, lotions, bibs, burp clothes and various baby clothes.

In case the baby is not the eldest, you can make a small basket that includes items for other children so that they will not feel neglected. You can fill the gift baskets with items like toys, coloring puzzles and snacks. Moreover, you can give a labor basket to the expectant mother including the necessary things needed at the hospital, slippers, candy, magazines, bubble bath, hair clip, calling cards, relaxation CDs or gift certificates.

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