Friday, February 5, 2010

Hilarious Vacation Rental Commercial

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been a big fan of commercials. If for whatever reason I wasn't in the living room when my favorite commercial comes on TV and I miss it, hell would break loose! I would cry, make a big fuss and mop around all day. My parents, in their wisdom, actually recorded that particular commercial on video tape for me. So, the next time I missed the commercial, they would just pull out that tape and play it for me. Problem solved! I related that little anecdote to show you how much I love a good commercial, especially funny ones. When was the last time you watched a good and hilarious commercial?

I was surfing around the Internet earlier today and stumbled upon this really funny vacation rental commercial. It starts off like a regular commercial, with a family checking into a hotel. Then suddenly, out of no where, this guy in a "unitard" jumps out from behind the counter. I just love how he is dressed like a superhero but is super clumsy. No doubt, what he does is like a super hero (he goes around helping families save money on vacation rentals) but the Unitard guy is really uncoordinated, goofy, yet so lovable and funny. I also love the conversation between the host and the Unitard guy, at the end on the commercial. Really hilarious indeed. I bet you want to watch that commercial now, don't you? Just head over to the Vacation Rental Organization website and check out the commercial for yourself!

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