Friday, February 5, 2010

Throwback Pepsi & Mountain Dew

I don't know if you have been to the soda aisle at the grocery store lately. If you have, there is a high chance you might notice that Pepsi Co. has two new products out on the shelves. Throwback Pepsi and Throwback Mountain Dew! It's retro looking label caught our eye while we were walking by and since we are big Pepsi and Mountain Dew fans, we just had to try it! It says on the label that it's available for a limited time only and that it's made from REAL sugar. Interesting. Of course we also bought a bottle of regular Pepsi and regular Mountain Dew, so that we can do a taste test and compare it side by side.
First up, Pepsi. We noticed the difference the moment we opened the bottle. The throwback had way more fizz than the regular. Also, when we poured it out, the little bubbles lasted way longer than the regular Pepsi. Now, it really depends on what you like. Some people might think that it's good to have more fizz but I personally like to drink my sodas with less. That's one of the reasons why I prefer Pepsi to Coke. Less fizz. Alright, now the taste test. The regular Pepsi is a whole lot more sweeter compared to the throwback. In the taste test, the throwback wins hands down! It somewhat reminds me of a sweeter and less fizzy version of Coke. If you are one of those who can't really decide if you prefer Pepsi or Coke, the Throwback Pepsi is for you. It's somewhat of a mix between the two...iLike!

Next up, Mountain Dew. Firstly, I must say that Mountain Dew is our all time favorite soda. So, we were pretty excited to try out the throwback version. As opposed to the throwback Pepsi, the throwback Mountain Dew had way less fizz than the regular. In fact, it almost didn't have any fizz. Reminds me of the regular Mountain Dew, after you leave it out sitting in a glass for a while. The taste of the throwback also wasn't all that great. It had this weird after taste, and somewhat lack the refreshing taste that you always get from the regular Mountain Dew. I wouldn't go with the throwback if I were you. I've always loved the regular Mountain Dew taste and I guess, the New Dew wins!

Overall, I feel that Pepsi should just keep the Throwback Pepsi recipe and make it as their regular. It's really good and I'm pretty sure it will give Coke a run for their money. However, please do away with the Throwback Mountain Dew. We love the new Mountain Dew, oh yes we do!!


Simply June said...

we tried coke in barcelona,'s different from the coke here..... theirs are made from cane sugar

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