Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clipix: Organize your life!

I’m not sure if you guys remember me sharing last week about an awesome online tool that I recently started using? It’s called clipix and really, it made my life a whole lot easier. My desktop is no longer all cluttered and filled with all sorts of shortcuts. My workspace is now free from post it notes and little scribbles of urls and links. It just feels awesome! Since that post, many people have told me that they tried using it and they too loved it. For those of you who missed out on my earlier post, I’ll share it with you guys again.

So, what is clipix? Well, clipix is an easy to use, free online tool that allows you to save and organize everything that you see online. How does it work? All you need to do is sign up and drag a bookmark called ‘Clip’ to your bookmark bar. Each time you visit a website that you like, just click on the ‘Clip’ button and it saves it to your clipboard. Yup, it’s that simple! There is no software to download and all the information that you clip is stored online. That’s really awesome, because it doesn’t take up any of the precious space in your computer. With clipix, there is no worry in losing information ever again!

What do I use this for? Almost everything! In my previous post, I shared about how I used clipix to store all types of recipes that I searched for online. Now all my recipes are organized and they are just a few clicks away. Being a self-proclaimed foodie and food blogger, I also spend a lot of time reading restaurant reviews and searching for interesting new restaurants to check out. With clipix, I could just clip all of the links to the restaurants onto my clipboards that I have organized geographically. For example, you can see a screenshot of my “Restaurants NYC” clipboards. Those are the restaurants that I would like to check out this month. Another awesome thing about this is that I could share it on Twitter as well as Facebook. If I like, I could even email it to my friends and family. Not only that, but there are also Syncboards. What that does is that it allows me to clip collaboratively with Kevin, as well as my friends or family. When anyone adds a clip to the syncboard, everyone else that I collaborate with will see it in real-time. With this feature, the burden of looking for a new restaurant to try out doesn’t only fall on me. Everybody can surf and add to the list of restaurants! How cool is that? I am so glad I found clipix and I’m pretty sure you will love it too. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and start organizing your life today! Remember to leave me a comment to share what you will be using clipix for!

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