Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boston Market Chicken Meal for $1!!

I found a really good deal online today! Oh, before I forget..this is not a paid post. It's just something good that I want to share with all our readers. For those of you who are following my tweeter, you would have seen my tweet about getting a piece of free grilled chicken from KFC on Monday. That's right, in conjunction with KFC declaring Oct 26 as UNFry Day, they gave out one piece of their new grilled chicken free, all day on Monday.

Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, check this out. Boston Market came up with an even better deal. They said " Hey, you don't need to declare a special day as unfry day, everyday should be a healthy unfried day"! So, to get the message across that everyday is an unfried day at Boston Market, they are giving away a Chicken Meal for only $1, this whole week! All you need to do is head over to their website to print out the coupon, show up at any Boston Market with that coupon and you can get a Chicken Meal for $1!! Of course one person is only allowed one coupon.

So, Kevin and I printed out our coupons and headed to the nearest Boston Market earlier today. We were expecting a lot of people..come on, you don't get such a great deal everyday! Not only that, it's Boston Market! I just love the food at Boston Market, it's really homestyle cooking at it's best :D Hmm, no line coming out from the door? That's a good sign! I read somewhere that a lady in the city had to wait in line for about 45 minutes, just to get her meal!

Wow, check this out! No line at all. We just walked up to the counter, showed them our coupon and got our food! I guess living in the suburbs has it's perks :D True enough, it was only $1 for the Chicken Meal (well, $1.07 with tax). The meal consist of choice between 3 pieces of dark meat or 1/4 white meat BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and a cornbread. Not too shabby for a buck! I believe the value of the 3 piece dark meat meal is $6.29 and $7.29 for the 1/4 white meat meal.

Here is our $2.14 dinner! As usual, the chicken tasted great! I just love the taste of the mash potatoes, it has the 'real' mashed potatoes taste, unlike the powdery 'fake' tasting KFC mashed potatoes. The cornbread was yummy too. Man, how I wish we could get this for $1 everyday! :P Anyways, the promotion runs til Nov 1, hurry up and go get your $1 chicken meal before the promotion ends!

Psssstt...I heard from the grapevine that El Pollo Loco is planning to come up with a promotion that trumps both the KFC and Boston Market promo. O00hh, I can't wait. I'm loving this current grilled chicken war among all the chicken places, it gets better by the day :P iLike! I'll keep my eyes and ears open and update all of you if I get any news about the El Pollo Loco or any other promotion. Meanwhile, enjoy your Boston Market meal! :D

*Click here for the coupon link. Some people have commented that the Boston Market website is really slow due to high traffic. If you are having problems getting on the Boston Market website, just email me and I'll send you the .jpg format of the coupon.

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