Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get Over 1,000 TV Channels on LiveTV4me

As many of you know, both Kevin and I are huge Steeler fans! Back when we were living in Pittsburgh, we would never miss a game. Without fail, the TV would be on and we would watch ever game, live. Now that we are living in Jersey, we can't do that anymore. They would be showing the Giants or Jets game on TV instead. We've been trying to figure out how to continue watching Steeler games live when I came to know about What's that? Well, LiveTV4me is a one-time software download that instantly connects your computer to an almost endless variety of live TV programming choices from around the world. For a one-time fee that’s less than one month of cable or satellite service, you can enjoy over 1000 live television channels from around the world whenever you want, wherever you want all from the convenience of your PC or laptop! That's right, for only a one time payment of $39.95, you can watch live sports, movies, news, music videos and thousands of other programs from the US and around the world! I'm so excited! This will mean that we can continue watching our football games live, every weekend! Not only that, I can also watch TV from the UK, Australia, South America, the Middle East and most importantly, my home, Malaysia (and other Asian countries too)! Since we travel quite a lot, it's also great for watching TV on the go. We can access it anytime, on our laptops! How cool is that?
So, how does it work? It's pretty simple actually. All you need is Internet connection. Then, just download the software from the website (it's so easy, it takes only about 3 minutes) and pay the one time activation fee of $39.95. Remember, there are no hidden fees, just a one time fee of $39.95 and you will never be billed again! Sounds too good to be true? Is it even legal? Yes! Don't worry, access is 100% legal, no matter how many channels you want to watch or for how long. So, what are you waiting for? Stop paying expensive monthly cable bills and head over to to turn your PC into a TV today.



joeyz said...

cool. can it work if i'm in msia? i'm so gonna get it if it can.

Charlene n Kevin said...

i don't know. malaysia is listed as one of the countires, so maybe it does? you should email them and ask =D

joeyz said...

does it work well? basically i just want to watch my usual US shows on cbs and abc.

Kathy with a "K" said...

You can watch TV on your computer for free but if you want this livetv4me then make sure you get the 50% off deal--just click no when you go to check it out and you get a popup that says--half off--$19.99. If you must blow your money, at least only blow half.