Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Fries!

There was a sale for Ore-Ida fries a few weeks back in Pathmark, the usual place we go to for our groceries. I believe it was 50% off. Ore-Ida always pride themselves to be "the better fries", not just regular but tastier, crispier and better than the rest. Which explains their tag phrase...

We bought a big pack of Golden Fries, from their 'The Classic' variety. Kevin decided to cook some up the next day and upon opening the bag, this is what he saw....

More than half of the bag was ICE! Not just that, a lot of the fries were broken up into pieces!! We were quite shocked to get such low quality fries from a well known brand. After cooking it up, the fries remained soggy and it tasted terrible. Yes, the ads were right when it says that this is not just Alrighta. It's not just Alrighta, its Terriblela :P
We went to their website and gave some feedback about how disappointed we were about the quality of their product. In less than 24 hours, we received an email from the Heinz Customer Resource Center saying that they are really sorry that we are not satisfied with their product. They went on to explain that from our description, it appears that the product may have been mishandled and gave a detailed explanation of what might have happened. The email ended with them asking us to give them a second chance to prove themselves and thanked us for bringing this to their attention.

I soon forgot about that incident...until Kevin received this in the mail.

A letter from Heinz! This is what we got inside.

Coupons for free fries!!! Looks like they were serious when they asked us to give them a second chance. I'm very impressed and very satisfied with the way the customer service handled this matter and of course I will give them a second chance. Will give an update about the quality of the fries, second time around, after I have tried them. To give Ore-Ida a fair chance to prove themselves, I will not get it from Pathmark but another grocery store.

UPDATE! We went to another grocery store to get another bag of fries and guess what? No ice in the bag and it tasted grrreeaaattt! It's not just's Ore-Ida! I'm glad we gave them another chance :D

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