Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

I woke up early this morning and noticed that there was this 'reddish light' coming from behind the curtains. Thinking it was some sort of alien invasion, I drew open the curtains and this is what I saw.

Isn't it beautiful? I just stood there in awe for a few mins. In our busy lives, we sometimes fail to stop and notice the wonders and beauty of God's creation. The sunrise and view is there every morning (granted some days more magnificent that another) but we are just too busy doing our own little thing to notice it. The same goes for God. He is always there but we take it for granted that He will always be there and only go to Him when we need something. When was the last time you just paused and spent some alone time with Him? I know it's been a while for me and I would like to thank God for giving me this lil reminder on this oh so beautiful morning.

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tze chun said...

this is excellent view and what a beautiful scene... superb