Sunday, October 26, 2008

W. - The Movie

After all the hype about the new Oliver Stone movie, we decided to head to Loews in Jersey Garden to catch W. It was released just last Friday (17th of Oct) and Josh Brolin plays President George "Dubya" Bush.
I walked into the cinema expecting it to be another great Oliver Stone movie and I walked out saying "What?!?!". For once in my life, I just do not know what to say. Maybe that's what the "W." actually stands for. "What?!?!" I looked over to Kevin after the credits started to roll and ask him what he thought of the movie. He just shaked his head and said "I really don't know what to think".

I am not saying that it's a bad movie but I'm not saying that it's a super great movie either. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I was expecting too much. The movie was just a very unbiased documentation of the life of President Bush thus far. I would have expected it to sway a little bit more, especially with the release date so near to the upcoming elections.

Josh Brolin did a good job in getting into character. I believe they didn't want to put on too much make up to make him look like President Bush but they wanted the audience to see the Presidents mannerisms and character show through his acting. That was exactly what Josh Brolin did. Looks like he sure came a long way from Goonies to playing the part of the President of the USA. The other cast members also did a very good job in bringing out the characters. I especially liked Richard Dreyfuss as Cheney and James Cromwell as George Sr. Another thing that stood out in the movie was the soundtrack. Looks like Stone really has the knack of choosing the 'correct' song for each scene.

Overall, the movie had a great director, really talented cast members, good soundtrack but somehow, that special 'x' factor wasn't there. I just can't place my finger on what's missing. This movie had the potential of being an Oscar nominee but after watching it, I don't think that's gonna happen. A little bit disappointed, but hey, life goes on. Oh well, at least the nachos and popcorn tasted great :P

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