Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In The Rooms - National Recovery Month


They are everywhere. You do not know who they are. Take a look at the guy at the check out counter in your local grocery store. Is he one of them? What about your lovely neighbor who bakes amazing chocolate chip cookies? Is she one of them? Check out Coach Carter, your son's baseball coach. He is one of them. They look like normal people, doing regular things, living regular lives. However, they are constantly at battle, deep down inside. What am I talking about? Well, they are all dealing with addictions. Dealing with an addiction, whatever that addiction it might be, can be hard. Most people with an addiction wants out from their problems but find it very difficult to take that first step. What I am trying to say is, you are not alone. Many people across America are dealing with some sort of addiction at this very moment and the good news is, there is a way out.

Did you know that September is National Recovery Month? National Recovery what?? Yeah, that's right. Recovery Month is an annual observance that highlights the benefits of substance abuse treatments in the society, applauds various contributions made by treatment providers as well as sends out the message that recovery from all sorts of substance abuse is possible, with treatment. It is also a month where we can celebrate people in recovery. This is a good opportunity for those in recovery to share their success story and to show the general public that there is hope. Lastly, Recovery Month is also used to educate the public on substance abuse as a national health crisis and to assure everybody that addiction is a treatable disease.

InTheRooms is a great place for everybody who is on the road to recovery. What is InTheRooms exactly ? InTheRooms is a global recovery social network that is designed specifically for people (their family, friends and allies too) in addiction recovery as well as people seeking help to find recovery for their addiction. An interesting fact on how it got it's name. You know how most addiction groups are anonymous? Well, if you were to run into somebody you know from say, AA...and you haven't seen him for the past few meetings, what would you say? Probably "Hey, what happened to you? I didn't see you in the past few AA meetings?", right? Well, with InTheRooms, you do not need to say AA. All you need to say is "I didn't see you recently in the rooms...". How cool is that? InTheRooms is also one of the top recovery sites on the web and it features the latest dates, times and locations of local fellowship meetings across the United States and around the world. Anyone who is registered and belongs to a 12-step recovery program can now go online and quickly find a meeting of their fellowship. Not only that, it also allows people to update changes in times and locations of meetings, upload photos, post videos, participate in discussions, create blogs on their profiles as well as connect with other members within their fellowship. So, head over to InTheRooms and that that first step today.


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