Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marlboro's Roadhouse Nights @ SoHo, NYC

This is a very backdated post. Please bear with us. We are trying our best to catch up on all of the that stuff we did a couple of weeks back (since we were on blogging solely on the Marlboro Ranch series and nothing else back then :P). Kevin received an invite from Marlboro sometime last month to their NYC Roadhouse Nights. He called them up to RSVP and was told that his name will be added to the guest list and that he is allowed to bring one guest. For those of you who are not familiar with Marlboro's Roadhouse Nights, it's actually a party sponsored by Marlboro in various locations across America. The NYC Roadhouse Nights was held at the Canal Room in SoHo on Sept 12, 2009. Marlboro would randomly select names off their mailing list and send out invites to the lucky few. I guess Kevin was one of the 'lucky few'! :P

We were pretty excited when we found out that it will be held in the Canal Room. Apart from it being a really popular club with many of the A list celebs (Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan, Missy Elliot, Jessica Alba, Wilmer Valderam, Ashton and Demi...just to name a few), it is also one of the the most exclusive venue for live music showcases in NYC. With the most cutting edge, top of the line, sound and lighting systems, the Canal Room is the place to be on a Saturday night!

The friendly Marlboro crew at the check in counter. This is where they checked us in, gave us our voucher stubs and gave a run down of the program for the night. The guest (that's me!) also had a chance to fill up some forms and as a token of appreciation for signing up with Marlboro, I got a free gift! I will show you guys a picture of the gift later on in this post.

This are all the coupons/vouchers that we got. A door gift voucher for the winner as well as the guest, an entry form for the drawing of two $100 Omaha Steak vouchers that will be held later on in the night and alcoholic drinks vouchers (limited to two each). Sodas are free flow all night long and if you want more alcoholic drinks but have used up all your vouchers, there is also a cash bar available.

There are basically three seating areas that you can go to. The main area is in front of the stage, on the dance floor. Marlboro has setup small round high tables and bar stools for you to sit and enjoy your food while listening to the live band.

Since it's a Marlboro event, you can expect the bulk of the crowd to be smokers. However, there is a no smoking in restaurants/clubs/bars ruling in NY. So, they have set up tables outside for people to step out for a smoke or just chill while people watching.

We headed upstairs to the VIP section of the club. On normal days, this section would be blocked off and only special people like celebs or VIPs on the guest list would be allowed to head up here. Since Marlboro booked the whole club for this event, it was a free for all and anybody could come up here to chill. It was really cool, with nice leather U shape couches, plasma TV screens, awesome lightings as well as a great view of the whole club from the top.

Apart from free drinks, we also had free food all night long. I must say that the food was totally delicious! There were pizzas, burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken and steak kebabs, BBQ ribs, wings, all kinds of sides as well as some kick ass corn muffins. There were also cookies, brownies, apple crumble and ice cream for dessert.

Here is a close up of some of the food we had that night. I later went back down to the buffet line to get some wings and WOW! They were just awesomeeee! One of the best BBQ wings I have ever tasted!

They had a few DJs spinning some music while we were eating and in between sets. Good stuff!

There was also a live band that played a good mix of some mellow country and blues. I can't really remember the name of the band, but they were pretty good.

For those who wants to try their hand at some blackjack, there were two tables set up at the back. Of course it's just for fun and no real money was exchanged. You can just walk over and you will be given some chips to play.

Both the winner and the guest were given a gift each at the end of the night. The bigger box is for the winner and the smaller for the guest.

This is what's inside the big box. Three types of BBQ sauce, one Marlboro Country Cookbook (we have four copies of this at home - two from the ranch, one they sent Kevin for his birthday and now this :P) and a red bandanna. The guest box has exactly the same thing, minus the cookbook.

Here is a photo of the free gift that the guest got after filling in the forms. One Zippo lighter (also have four of this at home, two from the ranch, one from some Marlboro giveaway last year and this!) and one coupon for a free pack of Marlboro when you buy one.

We had a great time partying the night away at Malrboro's Roadhouse in NYC! We would like to thank Marlboro for all the good food, drinks and awesome gifts that we got that night. As usual, you guys rock!!


mab1124 said...

sounds great! I just got an invite to the one here in Tampa, Florida. I RSVP already. Thank you for the info!!!!!!

Felix Otero said...

Great article! You covered all the bases, providing an in-depth look to this event. I found your blog after RSVPing to the Orlando event on October 16th. Love your blog set-up. Feel free to enter my blog - It covers any fitness, nutrition and supplments subject you may wanna know about. So if you ever have any questions about ANYTHING, shoot me up. It is a free service, and most importantly, what I LOVE to do. Thanks again for the Marlboro details.

Felix Otero (Facebook)
Orlando, FL

Charlene n Kevin said...

Thanks! I'm sure you will have a great time!! :D

sandra said...

I must say you have given very good article of Marlboro in detail.This is really interesting for me.I did not have any idea about this so Thank you very much for sharing this with us.


Jonathan R. Holt said...

Thanks for the great info I was invied to the event in dallas and was unsure if i wanted to go now i am rsvp right away

Yajaira said...

Great info! My husband and I are going to the one in Orange County, California this weekend and were wondering what it was going to be like. You answered all our questions :)

David said...

I agree! Thanks for the info. I also got the invite and RSVP'd but wanted to know what it was about before I attended. @Mab1124 I will also be attending the Tampa, FL one at the Dallas Bull.

Thanks again to the publisher of this.

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