Monday, September 21, 2009

Ranch Activities: Nightlife

This is the final part of the series I have started about the activities we took part in at Marlboro's Crazy Mountain Ranch in Montana. Many people have asked me about the nightlife at the ranch. Since there is no TV, Internet access, cell phone signals...heck, there isn't even a radio in the room....what do we do at night? Well, the answer is...LOTS! There are lots of stuff to do at the ranch after the sun goes down :D

On the first night, the party was at the Saloon. There wasn't any wild dancing or hardcore partying, it was just a relaxing laid back night.

Apart from ordering anything that you like from the bar, you could shoot some pool if you like. There are two pool tables at the Saloon. There is also a popcorn machine that makes fresh popcorn constantly next to the pool tables. Yummy!

If pool is not your thing, you can relax at the lounge area, by the fireplace. There will usually be a huge roaring fire going at night.

For those of you who like nature and stuff, you can sit outside at the patio and look at stars. It's amazing how bright and clear the stars are out there in Montana. Marlboro even gets some astronomers from the nearby university to come out with their high powered telescopes, so that you can check out the stars and planets. They will talk about and point out certain stars, galaxies as well as planets during those sessions.

We didn't go for that cos we were pretty busy hanging out with our new friends near the bar :P Most people just sat around with drinks and talked (since it was the first night and everybody was just getting acquainted).

The party on the second and third night was at the Livery. There are also lots to do there. There are dart boards at the back if you like to play darts.

Marlboro also had poker and blackjack tables all over the Livery. Of course it's all in good fun and no money is exchanged. Everybody is given some chips and you play til you run out.

As the night goes on and the alcohol begins to flow more freely, the party of course begins to heat up too! :P There were two different live bands playing on both the nights and also a DJ spinning. The staff taught us how to line dance and the dance floor was open all night long.

There was also the cha cha slide, party train line and limbo rock bar down at the dance floor.

The second night was karaoke night! Everybody had a great time going on stage and singing their hearts out! Of course, the free flow of alcohol helped a lot too ;P

There is something to do for everybody - you can just relax by the fireplace, chat and have a drink with your friends or party the night away. Anything goes. Heck, even Cowboy Cal was there to entertain us all night long!!

Of course, there wouldn't be a party without these people. Our amazing bartenders! You can order anything you want, from beer to wine to all kinds of liquor. I must add that it's all free and it's top shelf (nothing but the best, no cheap stuff around here!). We are not even allowed to tip the bartenders, Marlboro takes care of everything. How great is that?!?!? :D

We had a great time at the Crazy Mountain Ranch, indeed it was a trip of a lifetime! It wouldn't have been possible without all these lovely people - the Marlboro Guest Relation Staff! I have never met a more friendly bunch of people, very accommodating and they rank #1 when it comes to customer service! We would like to say thank you once again to Marlboro, for inviting us to your home, for giving us a chance to experience life out in the wild wild west and for giving us this trip of a lifetime!!

* Click here to be directed back to the Crazy Mountain Ranch Homepage. You can check out other ranch related posts as well as look at photos from the ranch during our Summer 2009 trip!

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