Monday, April 19, 2010

The Jacques d’Azur Lifestyle Revealed!


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Have you heard the breaking news? French socialite and legend of The Cannes Film Festival, Jacques d’Azur, has been reported missing after last being heard in an emergency transmission off the coast of Tahiti. Therefore, the search for Jacques' heir has begun. As the search continues for Jacques’ heir, his glamorous and high flying lifestyle has been revealed and guess what? It is ready to be inherited! Are you ready to see what awaits the future heir of the legendary Jacques d' Azur?

1st Class Flights - One thing that we know for sure is that Jacques d'Azur always travels in style. Not only does he know what he wants in life, but he oozes class and sophistication. Not only does his lucky future heir gets to go to France, he gets to do it in style. He will travel to the Cannes Film Festival in the South of France on a 1st class flight. Nothing but the best for the heir of Jacques.

Helicopter Pick Up - Upon arriving the South of France by first class flight, his heir would be be whisked off on a helicopter ride to Cannes Harbour, where it's only a quick stroll away to his five star hotel, where he would be able to check in.

A Tailored Suit - Jacques was that ladies wanted to be with and that guys can only wish to be. Mind you, I am not just talking about regular people. Movie starts flock to be around him too. One things for sure, Jacques was always dressed to the nines. The heir of Jacques would of course be expected to do the same. So, not only will this lucky heir will be taking over Jacques’ place at Cannes and he will be looking forward to having his tuxedo tailored, d’Azur style.

So who will take the place of Jacques at Cannes this year? The search goes on for the heir to his exquisite weekend at the Cannes Film Festival. Are you the one?

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