Monday, April 12, 2010

Where can I store all my stuff?

I was trying to search for my measuring tape over the weekend and it took me over an hour just to find it. Our apartment is not all that big, in fact, it's just only about 800 sq ft in size. However, I realized that we have so many stuff laying around these days, it sometimes makes searching for things almost impossible! I remember coming over to America eight years ago for university and all I brought along was two big bags. Yup, that's it. All my possessions in two big bags. Now, I have collected so many things over the years, I think I would need two big moving trucks just to move!

Not only do we have lots of stuff in our apartment, we also have a lot of stuff stored up in Kevin's parent's house in Pittsburgh. Recently, Kevin's mom has been thinking of moving to a smaller place, somewhere nearer to Kevin's sister, up north. If that's the case, then we would need to start looking for some self storage units to store all our stuff. I don't think we can fit all those stuff in our tiny apartment. I was searching online for quotes and information about self storage units and I found a great website that helps me do that, without any hassle. Boy, I would just hate it if I had to search the phone book and call each place up individually to look for self storage units. With the website, I can just key in my zip code and do a quick search of all self storage units near us. I guess we are now prepare, should we need to get some self storage units for the future!

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