Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Langkawi Island - Mangrove Tour (Part II)

After coming out from the Bat Cave, we hopped onto our speedboat and we're off again! We went back the route we came from, pass the Kilim Jetty and before we knew it, the river grew wider and there wasn't as many tall mangrove trees around anymore. It was mostly limestone caves with high cliffs and some trees (of course). Looks like we were heading nearer to the open sea.
We also passed by quite a number of small yachts and sail boats. I'm guessing they dock their boats in the calm waters whenever they are not out sailing in the open waters. After a couple more turns, we saw this floating pontoon like structure ahead of us. Our boatman told us that it was the Kilim Fish Farm.
By the time we arrived at the Fish Farm, it was already almost mid day and it was scorching hot. My mom and I were not really interested to brave the super hot sun to visit some smelly fish farm so we decided to stay in the cooling shade of our boat :P So, it was just Kevin, Ash and my dad this time around. After getting off the boat, they were greeted by a 'tour guide' and they were brought to an area of pontoon walkways with man made cages filled with various kinds of fishes.
According to them, their guide was really funny and told a lot of jokes. Not only did they get to look at the fishes from afar, they also got some hands on time with a few of the fishes. Here is Kevin with the guide at the Archer Fish cage. The guide placed a tiny piece of bread on Kevin's finger and without missing a beat, the fish shot a spray of water and it hit the piece of bread, spot on. According to the guide, the fish would sometimes jump up and get the bread too. Kevin was pretty amazed at how accurate it's aim was, especially from under water.
Here is my dad and Ash with the horseshoe crab. Not only were they given the opportunity hold the horseshoe crab but the guide also placed the horseshoe crab on their hands and head for a 'massage'. I guess it must be some sort of Fish Farm guide humor. :P

Ahhh this is pretty cool. This is the Stingray cage. It was quite an experience for Kevin to actually get a chance to touch and pet a Stingray. I think he looks pretty nervous here. I would be too, those guys are hugggeee! Apart from learning about fishes at the farm, there is also a restaurant where you can have lunch or dinner. We didn't have lunch there but from what I hear, the prices can be a little steep. You can basically get seafood just as fresh from the seafood restaurants in town for half it's price. There is also a small sundry store where you can buy snacks, ice cream and drinks as well as a restroom (not so sure about the cleanliness though). Next stop on the tour - Eagle feeding! Woohoo!

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