Thursday, April 22, 2010

Look what we won!

Man, you have to admit it. Marlboro has some of the best contests around! They run all kinds of sweepstakes all year around, always with totally awesome prizes. As many of you know, I won an awesome pair of sunglasses (worth over $100) early last year. Then came the big win! A fully paid 4 days 3 nights trip for two to the Marlboro Ranch. When they say fully paid, they mean fully paid. Everything was included, the airfare, accommodation, free food, free booze...I even got a check for $1,250! After we got back, Kevin was invited to their NYC Roadhouse Nights @ SoHo party where we enjoyed a steady flow of free food, drinks and music all night long. In between then and now, we won a few 'small' prizes in the various contest/sweeps by Marlboro. Among the prizes were ashtrays, wall mounted bottle openers, a money clip, wallet size bottle openers, zippo lighters, playing cards and some coffee beans.
The latest ongoing contest by Marlboro is the Flavor Break Sweeps. It started sometime mid March and it will go on til the end of this week. It's really simple actually. All we need to do is enter our emails daily at the Marlboro website. At the end of every week, there will be a drawing for various prizes. Week 1 was for a Viper Dartboard (worth $129), Week 2 was for a Weber Smokey Joe Grill (worth $39.70), Week 3 was for a Sony Noise Cancelling Headphone (worth $99.99), Week 4's prize was a Viper Pool Cue (worth $139.99) and Week 5 was for a Samsung HD Camcorder (worth $179).
A couple of weeks ago, Kevin received an email from Marlboro saying "You've Won A Sony® Lightweight Noise Cancelling Headphones‏"! Woohoo! How exciting. Looks like he was one of the Week 3 winners. We have never owned 100 bucks headphones before, so that will be pretty cool. From the reviews that we read online, those are a pretty decent pair of headphones :D

Think that is cool? Well, check this out! I woke up this morning only to find an email from Marlboro. Guess what it said? You've Won A Samsung® U10 Full HD Camcorder!! Wow! How awesome is that?? Out of all the prizes, this is what I wanted the most. We have been looking at HD Camcorders for quite a while now but we cannot justify spending money on one, so we just let the idea slip. Yay! Looks like we will be getting one for free now! The grand prize for this sweeps is a trip to Vegas for 4 people. The drawing ends this weekend. Let's keep our fingers crossed, who knows...maybe we might win that! :P


Charmaine said...

Wow, you guys have the luck! Hope you win the Vegas trip.

Blogger said...

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