Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First snow of the season!

The weather has been pretty erratic this season. We had temperatures up in the mid 60s two days ago (boy it sure was nice, felt like a summers night) and it dropped to below 32F within 24 hours! I guess that's what you get for living in the Northeast.
It started to rain early yesterday and changed to very light snow sometime in the evening. It was full on snow by late evening. This picture was taken around 10pm at night. It was snowing so hard that couldn't even see the houses outside our window. All we could see was tiny lights. It was really beautiful though.

The snow didn't really stick because the ground was still relatively hot. I took those two photos around 8:30am in the morning and you can see that the snow was already melting away. It was totally gone by noon. Stick or no stick, looks like we got our first snow for the season.
Looks like more snow is heading our way this weekend and the weatherman says that there is a high possibility for a white Christmas this year. Woohoo!! Let's keep our fingers crossed!!

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