Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Goodbye Gingerbread House

Here's a little update about our gingerbread house. The last time I posted a photo of it, we pulled off the whole back wall to eat, thus transforming it into a gingerbread manger :P Since then, Kevin has been pulling off jelly hearts from the roof as well as eating the gumball fence. He tore off one of the side walls to eat a couple of days back. Here is a photo of the house, with only two walls and the roof. I was really surprised that it was still standing :P
I guess the special balancing gingerbread house cannot last forever. I was in the bedroom the next day and I heard a loud CRACCCCKKKKKK coming from the living room. I saw this and Kevin sheepishly grinning at me.
The whole roof gave way and collapsed!! I guess the poor house just couldn't take it anymore and gave way. This marks the end of our beautiful gingerbread house :( Goodbye Gingerbread House, we will surely miss you!

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