Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pittsburgh for Christmas!

tWe are off to Pittsburgh for Christmas! Will be there until Sunday, so I think there will not be many updates on this blog until we get back. We left for Pittsburgh around 11:30am earlier today. A quick check on the car, fixed on our brand new winter wipers, filled the trunk with our luggage & gifts and we are set to go!
It was raining pretty bad when we left, in fact, it was raining all the way to Pittsburgh. Our GPS gave an estimate that we will arrive at around 5:18pm but soon learnt that it was not to be :P

We made quick stop at Burger King for an early lunch before we actually started the journey. Of course we will not hit the road hungry. That's rule number one..hahaha.

It was a pleasant drive, despite the rain. We thank God that it wasn't snowing, that would have made it much worse. We enjoyed driving through the Pennsylvanian country side, the scenery was just amazing ( yup, even with the rain). I would have taken better photos but my camera isn't the best and the rain wasn't really helping too.

A quick stop at the gas station half way into the journey for some gas, snacks and to just stretch our legs. Kevin sure looks happy for someone who just drove non stop for about 180 miles :P

The journey from Newark to Pittsburgh is approximately 350 miles and usually takes 6 and a half hours. We took about 7 and a half hours today because of the rain and all the stops we made.

After driving for 350 miles, passing through five tunnels and lots of rivers, we made it to Kevin's mothers house at 7pm! At last! Such a welcoming sight to see the porch lights on and Christmas tree by the window :D

Now it's time to relax and enjoy the company of the family. To all our readers, have a Blessed Christmas and enjoy this holiday season!

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