Monday, December 29, 2008

On Christmas Eve...

We arrived in Pittsburgh pretty late on Christmas Eve. After resting for a bit, we started opening presents! Woohoo!! Here are some of the stuff we got.

Kevin's mom with the present we got her. It's a foot massager. I think she likes it :P

Here are some of the stuff Kevin's mom got us. Thanks!! :D

My parents got us a 160GB portable external HD. It's just what we needed. We have so many photos, music and movies on our computer, now we can back all of those up! Yay!!

I got Kevin a beer kit! He loves making home made wine, so now he can branch out to beer...hehehe! He can also make home made apple cider and rootbeer with this kit too.

This is what Kevin got me!!! He is the best! I have been complaining (more like hinting that we need a new camera) about our old nikon camera, it's really slow and is pretty old. Soooooo, he got me the new Nikon Coolpix S610! Yup, the Ashton Kutcher camera! You can check it out at

I just love the camera. Isn't he the best? :D Kevin, not Ashton Kutcher! :P

We all had fun unwrapping all presents and stuff. Even Abby got into the Christmas mood! I will post more later about our Christmas dinner. Stay tuned!!

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